As a child, Reginald ‘Reggie’ Dwight is raised by his cold mother Sheila and more caring grandmother Ivy, while his father Stanley is away doing his service in the Royal Air Force. Reggie shows interest in playing the piano and soon begins studying at the Royal Academy of Music. Stanley, who has never shown any love towards his son, eventually abandons his family after Sheila has an affair with another man. Reggie takes up an interest in rock music such as Elvis Presley and begins performing in local pubs before joining a band, Bluesology.As an adult, Reggie changes his name to Elton John and tries to find success with Dick James’ publishing company under the management of Ray Williams.

The review has SPOILERS.

Action, Adventure, Comedy
Directed By:
Dexter Fletcher
Written By:
Lee Hall
In Theaters:
May 31, 2019
Rocket Pictures, Marv Films

My Thoughts:

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been waiting to see this movie since I’ve seen the previews for it. I’ve been a huge Elton John fan for as long as I could remember and I’m so happy that this movie is about him. Now, I will start by saying it does start off slow but you know what it was totally worth it even though it does start slow and it goes take a good few mintues to get deep into the good stuff. I will say this though, everything that you see that happened between Elton and his father will make you sad for him because sadly, it does hit home to a lot of people in America. I hate that this happened to him and seeing it through a young child’s eyes will make you feel the same pain that he had. When it came to his mom, lets just say I wanted to slap the hell out of her and I mean slap the taste out of her mouth. I hated her.

The sad thing is, his grandmother was his biggest fan and I’m glad he had her. I love that the movie shows young Elton playing the pino and cuts to older him. That showed a lot about how the movie was going to go and the fact that you hear Rocketman during the start while he’s taking to an AA meeting group in a hospital shows you that it’s going to be a LONG and wild ride. With that being sad, I hope you’re ready for this hell of a ride for this movie. Watching how hard and how bad things got for Elton was a hit in the face when he’s come a long way from when he started out in the business of music and his manager that he had was a COMPLETE dick.

I’m sadden that Elton felt the way he did with that manager and that was his love; the fact that his manager just seen him as a money ticket while Elton had true feelings make you want to drop kick his ass. For me, I think Elton done an amazing glow up from the time he started out in the music business and he showed his mom that he did find someone that would love him NO matter what and I hope that his father is seeing how bad he treated him and hope that he tries to make it up to Elton. Honestly, when you see this movie, you would want to protect Elton with everything you have. It was so sad and much as good movie that it was worth the money spent to see it.

Understanding and seeing everything that Elton showed the world was something that had to be hard on him because of how bad things were with the drugs and the drinking. I love that at the end of the movie, it shows you how far he has come since his young adult years and that he showed us that even if we do make mistakes, we can grow and become a better person. I hope that Elton contiues to live his best life and know that those who tell you that you can’t and won’t have something are completely wrong and to contiue to show that you can have eveything with the right person and I’m glad that David and their children are always showing Elton that. Hands down the best movie that I’ve seen!

Should you go see this movie? HELL YES!

Do you plan on watching it at the showhouse or wait until DVD/Blu-ray?



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