Game Review: Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Game Review: Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Rise-of-the-Tomb-RaiderGenre: Action | Adventure
Released: 10 November 2015
Synopsis: Follows Lara Croft as she continues her late father’s research into myths of immortality. Lara, now more experienced and confident than she was in the previous game, treks across the Siberian tundra in search of the answers her father could never find. Lara also faces off against Trinity, an ancient and ruthless shadow organization that is hell-bent on finding the source of immortality, killing anyone who gets in their way. Lara races to find this source before Trinity can, and prove to the world that her father was chasing more than a myth.
Free play with Xbox one Game pass. STRONG LANGUAGE AHEAD.

To start off, I like the new outlook of the game home screen where we start the story. It’s really cute on how it’s laid out and it makes you excited to start playing this game. When we first see Lara, she’s heading to her apartment where she had all of her father’s things laid out everywhere. I feel like she’s still struggling with his death even though she’s a lot older now. We find out about a lady name Ana and we get to see Jonah again. Even though Jonah thinks Lara is running a trail that has no meaning, he still travels with her to Siberian, but it ends up turning right into some action moves when Trinity tries to kill her from the start.

At this point, we don’t know much about Trinity other than what Lara is telling us, her father use to work for them, and someone from the group almost killed Lara at her house for a book that leads them to something to make you live forever. For a while, we’re on our own and doing our thing like getting a bow and getting shelter from the cold. We have no idea where Jonah is or if he’s even alive after the mountain went to hell. Right now, we only have a bow and having to go against Trinity men as we travel along. We have to kill a bear that is a fucking beast and it’s hard to kill him. It took about 10 arrows to finally get him to die. It was a nightmare.


So, now we’re moving along to the next place to travel and we run into a girl named Sofia, she’s mean as hell and doesn’t want us there because she thinks we’re just like Trinity. We finally have a gun at this point, since we somehow found one out of the blue so we’re able to kill these bitches a little better now. Fucked up thing is, we get two guns and now our asses are bastard and we get knocked out. Wake up, thinking Ana is kidnapped like us but to find out that she’s working with Trinity and her brother is the leader. How fucked up is that?

We’re locked in a cell beside a guy name Jacob, who we don’t know that is actually the person that we need the whole time but sadly, we think he dies after an attack but comes to find out that’s not the case. He ends up saving our butts after a few parts of the game where we don’t see him and we follow him back to his village. GUESS WHO’S THERE AND WATING TO BE A BITCH. SOFIA! Thankfully, Jacob comes in right in time and helps us from getting killed. So, now we’re helping fight against Trinity with the village people and they help us get to where we need to go so we can stop Trinity from being able to make Ana live forever.

Now, we’re back on our own and we’re doing puzzles to get to the next level; and we’re finding some big bitches that are dead souls that are guarding and protecting what we’re looking for. They are hell to fight and to kill but we manage to do it since we’re a bad bitch. We get to where we’re fingers close to the box of forever life on earth and now we’re seeing Anna and two bodyguards go into the building. NOT only do we have to fight the dead souls, but we also have to fight Trinity as well.

If we play it off right, we win and get past them to try to talk Anna out of the box and sadly we break the box and release all the souls and stop Anna from living forever. Anna is somewhat pissed at us, we lost Jacob, but we find out that Jacob has been there for a long time and towards the end, we’re talking to Anna and find out that she was suppose to kill Lara’s dad but couldn’t do it, so her brother did and someone that controls Trinity kills Anna but doesn’t want Lara killed yet. THE ENDING OF THE GAME!

That was a lot to read, I know but was the game worth it? HELL YES! It was a LOT better than the first one and I loved the storyline for this one. Yes, it was just as long as the first one but it was better and more together in my mind. I like that it gave you little side missions that you could do to unlock more awards if you wanted but it was a pretty easy game. Yes, there was some hard parts, like killing the bear and then the dead souls, but it was overall, a really great game.



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