Traveller Inceptio Book 1.

Traveller Inceptio Book 1.



Published by Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd on February 28, 2019
Genres: Science Fiction, Time Travel
Pages: 431
Format: E-book
Source: Rob Shackleford
ISBN: 9781528912631

If you were sent 1000 years into the past, would you survive? Traveller Inceptio describes how the Transporter is accidentally invented and becomes public knowledge when it sends a subject 1000 years into the past.

My Thoughts:

To start off, I enjoyed the book, don’t get me wrong. There was a LOT to keep up with. It had a good background to the story and how it was being played out. Some good, bad and ugly. I’m all for the vikings and love the history of the vikings but there was a few parts that kind of made me feel like putting the book down but I stuck with it. Even though I liked the book, it was a lot of trying to remember who was who and I was struggling for a little while to figure out if Michael was in the past or the future because of how it started off. I think if there wasn’t so many people to remember and their part of the story, it would have been a lot better but overall, it was pretty good. I’m not going to knock it for me not liking it as much as someone else, so that’s why you guys should get a copy and give it a go and see how you feel about it.


On March 25th, I got an email from Rob wanting me to give his book a try. Since I haven’t been reading much good books lately, I was ready to get back into book reviews and getting my blog back on track so I sent an email in return and was giving it a go. This was the first time I’ve ever had an arthur wanting me to give an honest review of their book that wasn’t Netgalley, but I gave it a try never the less. So, here is my honest review of this book.



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