Meet The Blogger – Rachel Kamery.

Meet The Blogger – Rachel Kamery.

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What’s your name and where are you from: My name is Rachel Kamery and I’m blogging from the Allentown area in Pennsylvania.
What made you start blogging: I’ve always been passionate about reading, but as an accountant, I don’t have much of an outlet at work for discussing books. My husband was the one who actually suggested I start a blog! He often heard me talk about my love for Modern Mrs. Darcy’s blog and convinced me I could write one myself. So, back in the fall of 2015, I published my first post, which was rather terrifying!
What is your blog about: I mostly talk about books, but we’re also frequent travelers so I throw in travel itineraries and trip reviews as well. This past year I started sharing some of my baking exploits and you’ll find general life updates too. It’s a bit all over the place, but those are the types of blogs I enjoy reading and the posts I like writing, so I’m embracing the chaos for now!
What would you recommend to those who want to start blogging: I certainly don’t feel qualified to answer this since I still feel like an absolute novice compared to all the other amazing, experienced bloggers out there. What worked for me though was starting with a free WordPress blog and simply writing about topics I enjoy. If possible, try to post consistently (whether that’s twice a month or twice a week) so readers know what to expect and don’t worry about stats or technical prowess right away.
How much would you say have changed since you’ve started blogging: Well, I got married and now we have our first baby on the way so lots has changed in my personal life 🙂 In terms of blogging, I’ve learned quite a lot about all the tools available to make my blog better and reach out to more readers. I had zero experience with websites, so I’m proud that I’ve been able to troubleshoot issues, switch my blog to self-hosting, and generate a teeny tiny bit of revenue over the past two years!
What would you change about blogging: I wish there wasn’t as much expectation or need to be ridiculously active on social media. I’d rather spend time creating new posts than promoting them on all those platforms.
What would you add to make blogging better: Can I hire someone to create graphics for me?? I love the way they look on other blogs but detest making them myself (since there are not single creative or stylish bones in my body). I’ll pay you in baked goods 🙂
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  1. Wonderful feature! Nice to “meet” you, Rachel! Congratulations on getting married and having a little one on the way! <3

  2. Wonderful interview! Nice to meet you, Rachel!

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