Blogmas Day 7 – 10 Gift ideas for book readers.

Are you trying to find the perfect gift for that wonderful book reader in your life? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. I know what you’re thinking, it’s hard to shop for a man and not know what he wants since he/she doesn’t have any ideas of what he/she wants. You don’t want to get something that he/she doesn’t like or get something that he/she already has. Here are a few things that would be a cute gift idea for the amazing person in your life. Some of the gift ideas are a book reader’s best friend.

The first gift idea I wanted to share is Belle Beauty and the beast door panel. If you want to make a book-reading, Disney-loving reader swoon, this is the way to do it! They’ll love the handcrafted detail of the sign, as well as the utility of the message. This is a sign that effectively conveys the message, ‘stay out, I’m reading.’ You can get this for $29.28 on Esty.

The second gift I wanted to share is a reading pillow. If they ever complain about a sore neck from craning over those books, a reading pillow will make their poor back thank you! They can enjoy it during a good movie or Netflix binge as well, or even take it on a family road trip. You can get this for $34.99 on Amazon.

The third gift I wanted to share is Tosnail Elegant Wooden Antique Book Tissue Holder Dispenser/Novelty Napkin Holder. For a cute touch, they’ll enjoy seeing around the house, give them this antique book tissue holder. It brings all the charm of an old tome while spicing up an otherwise boring household staple. Just don’t be surprised if they want more than one. You can get this for $15.99 on Amazon.

The fourth gift I wanted to share is Literary Candles. For a fun, somewhat unusual gift, consider these literary candles. They can light a few in the evening as they relax with a good book, and they’ll sure to enjoy their creative packaging. Now all they need is some tea, and their evening will be made. You can get this for $16.00 on uncommon goods.

The fifth gift I wanted to share is a throw blanket. It can be hard to find a reading blanket that’s ‘just right.’ Soft, but not scratchy; thin enough to use in spring and fall, but large enough to fold up and hunker down in the wintertime. This throw blanket will do the trick: expect it to become their steadfast reading companion. You can get this for $35.99 on Amazon.

The sixth gift I wanted to share is a Fully Booked Canvas Tote. They can put their love for books on full display with this useful declaration of bookishness. They can enjoy the design while also appreciating its utility. The canvas is great for hauling around books, groceries, play date supplies, and more. You can get this for $18.00 on Esty.

The seventh gift that I wanted to share is Novel Teas Teabags. Few readers would enjoy a quiet afternoon with a good book and some tea. If that sounds like your book lover, make sure to sneak in these novel-themed teas with your gift. They can steep in the literary references and the relaxing tea flavors. You can get this for $13.50 on Amazon.

The eighth gift that I wanted to share is a fairytale keychain. If their favorite stories begin with, “Once Upon a Time…,” they won’t be able to resist this dainty little keychain that speaks of longing for fairies and childhood adventures. Spice up their key ring with a nod to one of their favorite pastimes with this fairytale keychain. You can get this for $5.28 on Esty.

The ninth gift that I wanted to share is DIY Shaker Pocket Bookmarks. Perfect for stuffing their stocking, these bookmarks can hold a place in every mom’s heart. The tutorial shows a quick and easy solution for you to create beautiful bookmarks to hold their place in any book to their heart’s content. You can follow the DIY guide on gatheringbeauty.

The tenth gift that I wanted to share is a DIY Book Stamp. If they have enough books to start their own lending library, a DIY book stamp is sure to please. They can mark their collection with their very own seal and ensure that no one ever mixes up their books with their own. It’s a great way to have some fun and make lending their books less scary. You can follow the DIY guide on craftsmitherz.

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    Love bookish gift guides! They’re usually full of things I want myself ?

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