Blogmas Day 5 – Christmas traditions.

Blogmas Day 5 – Christmas traditions.

Growing up, I always felt that my family were the only ones that had a tradition that we did every Christmas that never changed. I honestly had a feeling that one day it was going to change and it did. When I tell you that the first year that our Christmas tradition didn’t happen, it felt like the whole day was just weird and that it wasn’t really Christmas but I think that was the day that my parents and my brother and I had made our own new Christmas tradition. Even though I’m much older now and married, we still do this tradition even if I’m living in a whole different state.

So, you’re probably wondering what my family’s Christmas tradition was, right? Well, don’t worry, you’re about to figure that out. The earliest Christmas memory I have was when I was nine years old. My grandma Maggie was living with us and she was my roommate because she was really ill and she needed care because she was fighting against having chemo, every other week. This was the one year that I had slept until about 8 AM which wasn’t normal and she came in there and woke me up, telling me to come into the living room because Santa had come to the house while we slept. She would watch my older brother and myself open presents and she would play with my new toys with me. My mom would make a big dinner like she would on Thanksgiving for our Christmas dinner and we would eat around afternoon. Once we got our bellies full, we would all take a nap while watching a movie in the living room.

Sadly, that was the last Christmas we had with her, from what I can remember. After that, my mom’s sister would always invite us to her house for Christmas and it became our Christmas tradition to go to her house for Christmas. We would open our gifts that morning, get to play for a little while and then we would have to get ready to go to her house for a little while. She would cook a big dinner and we would have a few presents from her. We just sit there for noon to about six, just talking, opening gifts, and eating food. Even though I felt completely lost there, I always wanted to stay home. That was sad, the first time I felt so alone because my grandma was the one that played with me because I was the only girl. I think for a few years, we had that tradition to go to her house for Christmas until she stopped inviting us.

Now, I’m married and my husband and I are trying to start our own tradition. Last year, we drove down from Virginia to South Carolina to spend Christmas with my nephew since I didn’t get to see him much during the months so it was the one thing that I wanted to do while I was in town. I guess that would be our new tradition until we have kids of our own but for now, our tradition is traveling to see my nephew for Christmas so that he knows that no matter how far away I am, he will always be my little man and I would go through hell just to get to him. So, now my question for you is…

What are your Christmas traditions?

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  1. My Christmas traditions are watching The Grinch on Christmas Eve before going to bed. It’s something I’ve done for a while and I love watching it while wrapped in my duvet with sweets and a warm drink. I’ll usually have some Christmas pyjamas on too and sometimes my brother would join me.
    On Christmas, my dad comes around in the morning and we all open presents before nibbling in the chocolate after and then having Christmas dinner at about 5. This year though, we have a lot of family coming for dinner so it’ll will be different and a lot of fun.

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