Blogmas Day 4 – 10 Gift ideas for him.

Blogmas Day 4 – 10 Gift ideas for him.

Are you trying to find the perfect gift for that wonderful man in your life? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. I know what you’re thinking, it’s hard to shop for a man and not know what he wants since he doesn’t have any ideas of what he wants. You don’t want to get something that he doesn’t like or get something that he already has. Here are a few things that would be a cute gift idea for the man in your life. Some of the gift ideas are a man’s best friend.

The first gift idea I wanted to share is Baxter of California really great skin set. For the guy in your life who is reliant upon his daily cup of joe, gift him with something that will keep him going throughout the day. This holiday gift set from Baxter of California is packed with caffeine, so he’ll be awake and more social than ever during any gathering. You can get this set for $55.00 at Baxter of California.

The second gift I wanted to share is Good hurt Fuego: Hot sauce sampler pack. Spice it up with an assortment of seven tongue-tingling hot sauces. Good luck getting through the entire dynamite bundle, which ranges from mild Garlic Herb to mouth-searing Ghost Pepper. This will be the perfect gift if he enjoys hot sauce and wants to try new ones out. This pack is for $34.99 on Amazon.

The third gift I wanted to share is a Radiate portable campfire. Don’t worry, it’s a lot better than what it sounds. If your man loves going outside but doesn’t get to have a fire pit in the yard, this is for him. This portable campfire gives him more than three hours of burn time at the campsite, beach, or backyard — minus any prep work or cleans up. All he has to worry about is how many marshmallows to roast. This wonderful gift is only $27.99 on Amazon.

The fourth gift I wanted to share is Fitbit charge 3. Now, if he loves fitness and running but doesn’t own a Fitbit to track his runs or anything this is a great gift. Don’t go for those cheap ones from Walmart, they don’t work good, trust me I had one because the Fitbits were sold out at the time but they are amazing. Yes, they are a little pricey but it’s worth it if your man wants to get into shape. Fitbit’s newest swim-proof tracker offers even more insights about his heart rate, calorie burn, sleep, and more — 2019 will be the year he crushes his fitness goals. You can get one for him just for $149.99 on Amazon.

The fifth gift I wanted to share is a Build-on brick mug. This would be a cute gift that would make him feel like a young boy again. It’s a throwback to the LEGO sets he used to get during the holidays as a kid — and this one comes with building pieces included so he can start on his masterpiece right away. Just pray that he doesn’t throw them on the floor and you step on them. If you think your man would love this gift, it’s only $12.95 on Amazon.

The sixth gift I wanted to share is Fire TV cube. If he’s been trying to hack a way to get Alexa to play Netflix, he’ll go nuts over Amazon’s Fire TV Cube. The streaming player doubles as a smart assistant so he can have the full theater experience as soon as he says the word. This sounds like it would be really cool to give a try. It’s easy to use just by speaking. You can get one for just $15.00 on Amazon.

The seventh gift that I wanted to share is Burt’s bees men’s gift set. Dudes need self-care too, and this kit with shave cream, aftershave, body wash, hand salve, and lip balm will do the trick. Natural moisturizers like coconut oil will give his skin a little TLC during those harsh winter months. You two can have a cute little spa day together. It comes with five natural products in giftable tin-shave cream, aftershave, body wash, hand salve, and lip balm. You can get this set just $25.00 on Amazon.

The eighth gift that I wanted to share is Jack Black beard lube conditioning shave. With a perfect five-star rating on Nordstrom, you know this shave cream with refreshing eucalyptus will keep his scruff from getting too scruffy. The unique, clear formula lets him groom more precisely than with old-fashioned foam. It’s made with natural ingredients. You can get this for $11.50 on Nordstrom.

The ninth gift that I wanted to share is Neat experience whiskey glass. This is not your average whiskey glass. It’s the official judging glass of more than 20 competitions thanks to its mouth-blown, extra-clear, aroma-funneling glass design. The flared edge helps eliminate the nose-numbing scent of alcohol, letting the other notes of his favorite bourbon shine. You can get one for $17.00 on bespoke post.

The tenth gift that I wanted to share is Tombow dual brush pen art markers. If your man loves to draw, this is a great gift for him. More than 2,000 Amazon reviewers gave this double-ended pen set a perfect five-star rating, praising the rich pigment and ease of blending. The nylon brush tip creates strokes of different widths, while the fine tip on the other side can add detail.  You can get this ten pack set for $15.86 on Amazon.

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  1. Some great ideas! This is really helpful as I find it so much harder to buy for males! Love the idea of the ‘Build-on brick mug’ as men seem to love Lego and it brings out their inner child and nostalgia! ?

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