Dumpster Diving Week One.

Dumpster Diving Week One.

You’re probably already reading this and going ew, dumpster diving. Well, don’t worry I thought the same when I was watching videos of TheDaileyDiver on youtube. Most people think dumpster diving is going through people’s trash at home but no, this is where you go to business’s and go through their trash. Now, when you do this please go during the day to see if they have any No trespassing signs. If they do, DO NOT go dumpster diving there. Your first night might be slow but don’t give up. Here are some tips that my husband and I picked up during our first week of Dumpster Diving and our week one finds of doing dumpster diving.

We looked up the laws about dumpster diving and my husband has also asked two officers about the laws about dumpster diving. It’s not against the law but they can ask you to leave if the business doesn’t feel ok with you being there. We go at night where it’s much cooler and no businesses are open. ALWAYS check the signs that are posted because those are a big key to keeping out of trouble.

So, if you want to see other people doing dumpster diving before you give it a try, I would recommend going to thedaileydiver and watching the videos of this husband and wife doing dumpster diving. There are a few more videos of different people but they are the top videos that we watch because we tend to hit up the spots they recommend and talk about.

Go out and look around, what I mean by this is to see if there are any signs saying you can’t be there after hours. Now, the trash bins for businesses are in the back but be careful if there’s a post office because they do have no trespassing sign and you don’t want to get in their trash bin by accident. Just because one business has a no trespassing sign doesn’t mean it’s for all of the business’s added to the strip.

The top business’s that we go to is Five below, Kirkland’s, Bed bath and beyond, bath and body works, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, Staples, ULTA and big lots. So far, we haven’t found anything at Kirkland’s, Michael’s or Hobby Lobby but that’s mainly because they haven’t had anything good. But, when they have big sales during the holiday season, you will find some good stuff.

You’re probably thinking it’s a waste of time but it’s really not. It’s fun and it keeps you from being bored. My husband calls it our date night because we rarely go on date nights anymore until we started doing this. Now you’re probably wondering what all have we found so far since we started this and well you don’t have to wait any longer.

*Please excuse us being weird and making different sounds. I was also trying to tell him that the camera wasn’t able to pick up the lunch box and candle but the words were coming out like a brain fart. We were tired and wanted to shoot this video.*

We found a brand new Tv stand that sale for 169.99 from big lots, the only thing wrong was the box was a little damaged. From the dollar tree, we found a case of drinking glasses, only one was broken. Also from dollar tree were a case of jars and only a few broke and lastly candle burners and only a few where broken.

We learned that if there’s a lot of boxes by or at the backdoor we needed to check them because if one or two things are broken they will throw the whole box out even if they all aren’t broken.

If you try this out, let me know because I would love to know what all you found during your dumpster diving.


After we recorded this video, we went out that night and found a box of unopened candy bars and four more fog machines. Tuesday night, we decided to take a break because I was tired and wasn’t feeling the best.

We’re also letting the trash get a little higher before going back out.

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  1. Sonja- Too Much Character

    This sounds like something you would do in the movies. Please tell me you dressed up to look the part for dumpster diving! Impressive stash that you found.

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