The Haunting of Hill House.

The Haunting of Hill House.

In the summer of 1992, Hugh and Olivia Crain, along with their children Steven, Shirley, Theodora, Luke, and Eleanor, temporarily move into Hill House while they renovate the mansion, to sell at a profit then build their own house as designed by Olivia. However, unexpected repairs necessitate the lengthening of their stay. At the same time, they begin to experience increasing paranormal phenomena that results in a tragic loss and the family fleeing from the house. Twenty-six years later, the Crain siblings and their estranged father reunite after tragedy strikes again, and they are all forced to confront how their time in Hill House had affected each of them.

The review has spoilers.

Supernatural, Horror, Drama
Created By:
Mike Flanagan
Based on:
The Haunting of Hill House – written by Shirley Jackson
On Netflix:

My Thoughts:

When I first sat down with my husband to watch this series, I felt like it was something that I’ve watched over and over again. Like most, I’m in love with paranormal and demonic shows that deals with demons and ghost. So, when it first started off, it felt like that with the way it started. Now, I won’t say that this show is bad or that it’s a waste of time because it’s not. I actually enjoyed watching this series and hope that more is to come. At first, I was kind of confused as it why Hugh was telling Steve to close his eyes when he was taking him out of the house but when I saw his mom running like she wasn’t human, it started to show what type of show it was going to be. The first part of the show took me a while to get into since it kept going back and forth and I didn’t understand but once I figured out it was showing each child as they lived the moment of Nell’s death and coming to know about it, it started to make a lot of sense.

I hated Shirley, she was so mean towards Luke and Theo that it made me want to choke her to death since she wanted to push everything about that house out of her head and wanted to act like she was little miss perfect. I love Theo, she was amazing and I felt so bad for what she got from that house that made it hard for her to touch people without seeing things that they saw. Poor Luke was so deep in drugs that his family just gave up on him after everything he dealt with on that and no one believed him but his sister. Hugh made me dislike him a little with the fact that he didn’t bother to see his kids after they got older and that was when they needed him the most but he couldn’t be bothered until Nell’s funeral.

The only part that actually scared me was 1×8. Shirley and Theo were fighting in the car ride to get the house and it got to the point where Nell screamed to get them to shut up on the fighting since Theo was trying to explain to her what happened and Shirley was being an ass and didn’t want to listen to her. Now, I will admit I did have a moment and screamed a little when Theo and Shirley did and my husband was sitting next to me yelling oh shit. I died laughing after it happened and had to pause the show. The rest of the show was good and sad at the same time. I love how Nell saved her brothers and sister but sadly their dad died in the house because it got to him. I do like how Steve got to see his mom, Nell and Hugh be together in the red room even though that was the room that took a piece of each child and Olivia.

I would really recommend you guys to watch this show, it’s really good if you like paranormal shows like I do.



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  1. Always happy to read a good review! Sounds really interesting

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