Blogoween – 5 classic movies.

Blogoween – 5 classic movies.

With Halloween being right around the corner, I wanted to show my top five favorite classic Halloween movies. Some were made before I was even born but then there was two that I grew up watching every Halloween. Some of you guys may like the ones I have listed as my top five classic and there’s some that may not have known about these movies. I would highly recommend these movies to anyone that would love to see a new Halloween movie.

My first favorite movie is Halloweentown. As we all know, who grew up watching this series it’s based on a young girl name Marnie Piper and her two siblings Dylan and Sophie. Their grandmother Aggie comes to visit and it ends with a fight between Aggie and Gwen. Learning of her witch magic, Marnie sneaks on a bus to go home with Aggie. It takes the power of a family to end a take over by Gwen’s ex and to make Halloweentown back to the way it was. I don’t know about you guys, but when I first saw this movie, I was in love. I loved the idea of young witches and family coming together. Halloweentown was a place that I wished was real. I always loved the idea of Halloween and being able to be someone else for just a day. It would probably always be my favorite Halloween movie.

My second favorite movie would be Hocus Pocus. Who doesn’t love this movie? Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy was a great match for this movie. At first, when I watched this movie, it made me scared of witches wanting to kill children to live for a while longer. The movie came out in 1993, so when I finally got to watch it to remember this movie, I was about 10. I love watching it now and seeing how much I’ve become like Bette’s character on some of the quotes. Every Halloween this movie is played more times than anything else in the world. There’s nothing I would ever change about this movie and I probably will show this movie to my kids someday.

My next witch movie would be the 1989 hit Teen Witch. Not many people know this movie, if it wasn’t for the internet after I got old enough to figure out what the movie was, I wouldn’t even know the name of this movie. This story is different from any other teenage witch story about love. It’s supposed to be a young teenage girl who has this crush on a football player and she would do whatever it takes to get this boy. After her bike was damaged during a storm, she ends up at this house and meets a little lady name, Madame Serena. She tells Louise she’s descended from the witches of Salem and has inherited their powers that she would get on her birthday. She starts to use her magic to get popular and loses her best friend. She ends up having to fight against the odds and fix things. It’s hard to explain without giving all the details away but I would recommend you guys watch this.

If you’re familiar with any of the Ernest P. Worrell movies, scared stupid was the Halloween movie.  A demonic troll who turns children into wooden dolls was sealed under an oak tree for over Two hundred years. Ernest accidentally unleashes the troll and has to get all the children that get turned into wood back to human, if he doesn’t do this by the end of Halloween. He fights to save the children and at the end of the day, he managed to win against the trolls and restored all the wooden dolls even those who were turned in the 19th century, including his own puppy-dog.

What is your favorite Halloween movies?

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  1. I loved watching Halloweentown when I was younger! It was one of my favourite Halloween themed movies but I haven’t watched it in years.

  2. Good choices. Although all I remember from Teen Witch is the especially bad 80’s white rapping.

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