Blogmas Day 8 – DIY Christmas stockings.

Blogmas Day 8 – DIY Christmas stockings.

Today, I looked for a few DIY Christmas stockings ideas for your stockings. Even though I’ve never done a DIY stocking before, this seems to be fun and maybe next year, I’ll have to sit down and do one for myself. If I had known about these ideas before I went to Five Below, my husband and I would have done this. So, without keeping you waiting, here are five DIY Christmas Stocking ideas. All the ideas that I found were pinned on Pinterest, so you’ve probably already seemed them before. Also, I didn’t post any photos because I wasn’t making them and I wasn’t going to take photos off other blogger’s blog. Please forgive me for not sharing the photos.

The first one is a monogrammed Christmas stocking. Now, when I first looked at it, I didn’t think it was a monogrammed letter but it seemed as many people loved this idea so if you want to give it a try, the link is found right here. If you do this DIY stocking, please let me know and if you liked doing this one or not.

The second one is how to make homemade Christmas stockings from a Sweater. So, I was reading her step-by-step for her stockings and she needed two for her twins. She took a sweater and lined out a stocking on the sweater and started to get to work. She has on her post that it only costed her $2.25. To look at the stocking, her link is here.

The third one is a quick stick-n-flip felt Christmas stockings. I’ll never be brave enough to do this because I and needles don’t get along but the end result was amazing and really cute. Now, it looked really easy to make and if you like to sew, this is something for you. I wanted to post one of her photos on here but I didn’t want her to get upset that I took off her blog, so I’ll just leave her link right here.

The fourth one is free felt snowflake Christmas stocking tutorial. Now, I’m not a huge fan of green and I was honestly thinking about just not working with this but then I looked at it again and it was pretty cute and decided to share it anyways. So, this is a free felt snowflake stocking and it has step by step on how to make it. Again, I didn’t want to take a photo from her blog so her link is right here.

The fifth one is a Flannel stocking. Now, if you’ve tried doing your own DIY Christmas stocking and it didn’t come out the way you liked it, I found these cute Flannel Stockings that cost $29.00 on Esty. You can get your name on it if you decide to go with this instead of giving it another try.

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  1. I would be up for DIY Christmas stockings! It is a great activity to do with kids!

  2. Hello! Thanks for linking to my stocking (the felt & burlap one) you’re more than welcome to share the main image on your page as part of this round up. Have a great day!

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